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Batman Continuity

This list is designed to follow Batman’s life in means of storyline continuity and not graphic novel publishing dates. For this purpose this section will be split into years, Year One being the first appearance of the Bat-Man in Gotham City. It will be updated after every relevant review. (Click on the title to get to the review)

Year One

Batman Year One (Batman #404-407)

The origins of the Dark Knight. We learn how he became the masked avenger and see his first encounter with James Gordon, Harvey Dent and Catwoman.

Batman and the Monster Men (original mini-series)

Takes place during the end of Year One. First encounter with Dr. Hugo Strange. Also, Sal Maroni is of some importance to the story. Batman builds the first Bat-mobile. Julie Madison is involved with Bruce Wayne.

Batman and the Mad Monk (original mini-series)

Plays out immediately after Year One. Gordon has become Captain, Batman has another run in with Catwoman, and his relationship with Julie Madison is put under some strain.

Batman: The Man Who Laughs (one shot)

Ties into the ending of Batman and the Mad Monk and introduces the Joker into the contiunity.

Batman: The Long Halloween (mini-series)

Situated somewhere after Year One and The Man Who Laughs, this story tells the tale of Harvey Dent’s fall and the eradication of two major crime syndicates.

Year Eight

Batman – A Death in the Family

Jason Todd is killed by the Joker.

Year Thirteen

Batman and Son

Talia reveals to Batman that their forced affair resulted in a son: Damian.

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  1. September 10, 2009 7:07 am

    hey great stuff!! check out my blog for a intensive project similar to this, but more of an attempt at a chronology/time-line, and less like a review. tell me what you think! –cc

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