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Angel – After the Fall #17

February 18, 2009

This is the end. My only friend, the end.

Well at least it’s the end of the “After the Fall” series. Issue #17 ties up the loose ends of L.A.’s return to reality. A month has passed since Angel and his friends defied the odds and turned back time in order to save L.A. from hell on earth. So we see Angel managing with his new found celebrity, see a return (although only briefly) of Lorne and even the rivalry between Spike and Angel seems to have cooled down a bit. Of course this would not be an Angel story if we were not reminded of his apparent destiny (the one where he is supposed to bring upon the destruction of mankind) and see him deal with his guilt about what has transpired the last few weeks. Art wise nothing really changes in the series, which is at times a bit disappointing. I’m looking forward to the next few issues and hope they will provide a nice setup for a seventh season of the Angel storyline.

Looking back at season six I can honestly say, that I enjoyed the ride. At first I was a bit alienated by the extreme change the creative team made (what with throwing L.A. into hell), but the finale was worth it. The season also demonstrated, that nobody ever really disappears in Whedon’s universes as we saw a return of many “dead” characters. The only negative point I can really make (and this goes for Buffy as well) is that the dialog sometimes is too screenplay like. It is often hard to follow as the necessary facial impressions are missing to convey additional meaning. All in all it was an enjoyable read and I will definetly read the issues again, if I ever watch the show all through again (just to see how it reads in close proximity to the series).

Remember that Angel continues with the “Aftermath” series, which will be out on February 25th.

Story 7, Art 6, Re-read 6, Overall Rating 6.5

angel-after-the-fall-2-covers-spacemanspiff-dcp-17-page-11 angel-after-the-fall-2-covers-spacemanspiff-dcp-17-page-2 angel-after-the-fall-2-covers-spacemanspiff-dcp-17-page-24

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