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Joss Whedon talks Dollhouse

February 9, 2009


For me, the most anticipated TV show of the year is Whedon’s Dollhouse, starring Eliza Dushku. She will play a woman named Echo, who through some scientific process can have her personality erased and changed. This will probably make an interesting and confusing premise for a show and hopefully Joss will finally get a new show past the first season marker.

Newsarama have published an interview with the creator Joss Whedon and series star Thamoh Penikett. You can watch the video here, and read it here.

According to Whedon, this is far and away the darkest premise he’s ever attempted. Some of the elements of the show and situations Echo will find herself in – such as sleeping with certain men and not remembering anything – he expects to raise controversy.

Dollhouse is something that is so tricky that I expect some backlash, some disappointment. I’m scared witless by how some people will react to this, but I’ve found that when I’m scared I do my best work’ Whedon said.

I hope this time he will be right.

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