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Angel – After the Fall #16

January 31, 2009

The second last issue of the “After the Fall” story arc is nothing short of exceptional. When Angel’s son was killed by Gunn in issue #15 it was clear that the former vampire would probably not react in a really sane way. But what Brian Lynch came up with in order to solve the “hellish” situation of L.A. really surprised me. Angel goes up against his former ally and at first it seems as if he was only out to avenge his son’s death. But it soon becomes obvious that it is an attempt to get the senior partners attention. Knowing that they cannot allow Angel to die, in order for him to fulfill their prophecy, he tries to provoke Gunn to kill him. When the vampire strikes down his former boss, the senior partners react by recreating the last reality in which Angel was unharmed, meaning the day of Armageddon. Since our heroes are prepared now, they know exactly what to do and they prevent the destruction of L.A. Everything seems fine, Gunn is still human, Connor is alive and even Illyria seems to get in touch with her human side, if it weren’t for the slight detail that everybody remembers what happened during the months of terror. Angel is no longer the hero standing in the shadows, but he has become legend.

When I started reading the sixth season of Angel, I was at first alienated by the fact they that had really thrown L.A. into hell. It was just a bit too over the top for my taste, as I had always liked the more down to earth approach of the series (compared to other fantasy shows). Still the story unfolded rather nicely and I have to say that this return to the old L.A. is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Hopefully the last issue of “After the Fall” will be as good. After that, the title will change into “Aftermath” which will show us how the different characters are dealing with the changes made in #16 and #17. Can’t wait to see how the next issue will tie up this first storyline!

Story 10, Art 8, Re-read 8, Overall Rating 9

angel-after-the-fall-16-001 angel-after-the-fall-16-002 angel-after-the-fall-16-012

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