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Buffy Season Eight #21

January 30, 2009

I have been a fan of Buffy – the Vampire Slayer, since it first came out. Over the course of the years you become attached to the characters of a show, you laugh with them and you even cry with them. Yet there was always one character on Buffy (and later even on Angel), that I was always annoyed with and that was Harmony. So when I heard that this months issue of Season Eight would feature her exclusively, I had a bad feeling to begin with.

Dark Horse brings us another one shot story, in which we follow Harmony as she outs herself to the public and becomes the world’s first Vampire TV star. When she is tackled by a Slayer during one of the shootings for her TV show, the media has a field day by declaring the Slayers as a shadowy organization with an unknown agenda and a threat to the public.

This is by far the worst issue of the series. I have to admit that until now I always liked the work of Jane Espenson, be it on Buffy or Battlestar Galactica. But this issue just doesn’t make sense, not even for a fantasy universe. Who would believe that a Vampire could kill people on regular network television? Not even MTV could pull that off. If they needed a reason to shine another light on the Slayers they could have done it by a million other ways. In my opinion this issue was just plain stupid. Hopefully the one-shot reel will soon end and we can get back to the continuing storyline.

Story 3, Art 6, Re-read 1, Overall Rating 3

buffy-season-eight-21-001 buffy-season-eight-21-002 buffy-season-eight-21-024

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