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Angel – After the Fall #14+15

January 13, 2009

Angel – After The Fall has been running for over a year now and with issues #14 and #15 the story finally seems to go past the usual “hell on earth” theme. Issue #13 gave as a sneak peak into Angel’s future, showing him as the bane of mankind. Still, he decided to keep on fighting in the hopes of disproving this nightmarish prediction. While Angel is barely clinging to life, his friends try to rekindle his life force and ultimately Wolfram & Hart step in, to heal Angel’s body, in order for him to fulfil his destiny. In the meantime Illyria regains her true form (an enormous godlike squid) and decides that it is time to end it all. To quote George: “She’s collapsing time. She’s had it with existence.”

Of course Angel and his crew won’t let this happen, but not everybody thinks that Illyria’s plan is wrong. Gunn steps between our heroes and the monsterific goddess and in the ensuing fight, one of them is killed.

That’s all I will tell you right here, as some of you might still want to read issue #15 first. All in all, the series finally reintroduces some of the tragic elements of the TV series. I guess you could say that Brian Lynch has finally not only emulated Whedon’s art of storytelling, but has found his own way, without losing any of the show’s former flair. Well done, hopefully the remaining issues of this “season” well be as strong as these two.

Story 8, Art 7, Reread 7, Overall Score 8

angel-after-the-fall-14-cover angel-after-the-fall-14-page-18 angel-after-the-fall-15-cover angel-after-the-fall-15-page-14

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