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Buffy Season Eight #20

January 9, 2009

With all the recent work for my exams it completely slipped my mind to upload the review of the twentieth issue of Buffy’s season eight. It was kind of a filler episode, a small cool down before a new story arc, but it was fun nonetheless. Remember when they had announced Buffy – The Animated Series? No? Well then you should check out this issue. After battling the hordes of evil (just a normal day for our favorite slayer), Buffy falls into bed and has a dream in which she is send back to Sunnydale (in the golden years), back when she was still a teenager in high school.

In this dream, we get to meet the Scoobies as we loved them, Giles is still the stuffy librarian, Xander and Willow are awkward teens and Angel is the broody loner in the dark. Ah, the good old times. What makes this issue special however, and probably the reason why they did it at all, is the art. The artists recap the style of the animation show that was planned, but never realized and thus resurrect the project, if only for a  short time. Jeph Loeb (dedicating the issue to his son Sam’s memory) wrote the script and proves that he is a master of assimilating Whedon’s style and humor.

Although I might have preferred a continuance of the main story I must say that I enjoyed the issue a lot and would probably have loved to see a few episodes of the show, back when it was planned to air.

Story 7, Art 8, Re-read 6, Overall Rating 7

b20-000 b20-001 b20-014-015

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