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Spike – After the Fall #4

January 6, 2009

Finally time for the review of the last Spike: After the Fall issue. When we last left our “hero” he was knee deep in trouble. The story sets back in with Connor, Angel’s son, trying to save Spike and getting a beat down by the local “big bad”. Although most of the issue is filled with the battle between said demon lord and Spike, it helps to get a deeper look at Illyria, who still battles with the memories of Fred imbedded inside of her. The issue, and the whole mini-series as such, is therefore quite useful in order to understand more about the goddess and of course it also shows us how Spike could ever become demon lord himself. And as always Brian Lynch manages to be on par with Whedon’s original vision and humor.

Story 7, Art 7, Re-read 6, Overall Rating 7

spike4-001 spike4-015 spike4-025

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