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Buffy Season Eight #19, Angel – After the Fall #13

December 11, 2008

Finally I have time to do a quick review of this issue. Story wise it gives us the ending of the Buffy and Fray crossover. But instead of giving us answers to questions like, what is Willow doing there, we only get a bunch of new ones. Although I am a fan of the series, this constant piling up of new mysteries starts to grow old. Let’s hope the creative team will refocus on the big bad of this series and pushes the main story forward before the audience grows weary of it. Story 6, Art 8, Re-read 6, Overall Rating 6.5

In another hell on earth, Angel is still struggling with his death. While Cordelia tries to convince him to give up and leave this realm in order to prevent his destiny from becoming true, Angel’s allies are fighting their own fights in order to save him. All on all this issue is filled to the top with story and suspense and it will keep you guessing till the end. Still I have to add that the main story starts to get a little bit too twisted to follow it properly on a monthly basis. I’m looking forward to the end so that I can read it all again in one sitting. Story 8, Art 7, Re-read 8, Overall Rating 8

b19-000a b19-016 a13-001 a13-002 a13-009-010

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