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Marvel 1985 #6 – Conclusion

November 19, 2008

All of you who have followed my reviews of this mini-series are probably aware of the fact that I really enjoyed the ride so far and was looking forward to the conclusion in this final book of the series. But the only thing I can say after finishing it is: What the hell?

Maybe it is that Mark Millar had not enough room in the last issue to fit in the ending of the story he had invisioned or it is just so wacky that it felt a bit out of place. I for my part am not at all satisfied. Sure the ending makes sense, but everything else about the issue was wrong. First off all, the art was not as good as in the previous issues, and it looked rushed and sloppy at certain places. Then there is the try to finally put some explanations into the “mystery” of the tale, which gives the impression of being a last minute addition, to complete the story. When Toby gets back with the superheroes, they kick the villains asses, we learn who really was behind the invasion and that’s it. Boom, Game Over!

Story 4, Art 5, Reread 6, Overall Score 5

For a series that puts so much emphasis on the era in which it takes place and tries to give you the feeling of being a child again, hiding under your covers with a flashlight and your favorite comic book, the ending just doesn’t fit. Still all in all Marvel 1985 was quite enjoyable, and the final pages (which take place in Toby’s adult life) round the story off nicely.

1985-6-001 1985-6-003 1985-6-009

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