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Back Issue: Batman – Legends of the Dark Knight #100

October 28, 2008

When I stumbled onto this issue, I thought it might be a nice addition to the Batman continuity page, as this one issue story retells the origins of how Dick Grayson became the first Robin.

When the boss of a local Gotham Circus is unable to pay off his debt towards Boss Zucco, one of the crime lords men manipulates the acrobatics act of “the flying Graysons”. Bruce Wayne is amongst the audience, when suddenly the robes snap and the resulting “accident” leaves young Dick Grayson an orphan. Bruce Wayne, who already suspected the circus crowd to be involved with Zucco, decides to investigate as the Batman and stumbles upon the youngster, who has found the criminal responsible for this parent’s deaths. After saving him, Batman takes the youngster in and goes after Zucco himself. However, the dark knight underestimates Dick’s persistence and the boy soon finds himself in a dangerous situation.

Dennis O’Neil tries to summarize the tale of Robin’s origin on thirty pages and in a way succeeds with this task. However, the story feels a bit rushed and there is not much place for proper character development. The art by Dave Taylor is very peculiar and at times feels European (almost like from a Bande Dessinée). Still, it fits the circus theme surprisingly well. All in all this story is not a very ingenious one, but it is worth reading if you always wanted to find out how Batman got his first sidekick.

Story 6, Art 7, Reread 5, Overall Score 6

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