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Thor: Ages of Thunder

October 21, 2008

Much like “Reign of Blood”, this issue of Thor by Matt Fraction is a tale of epic proportions. The tone is very noble and the story is very monumental. Since there are no big differences in the artistic point of view, I will just focus on the story:

After a legendary fight against the Frost Giants, Thor and his Asgardian fellows find themselves weakened by a hole that one of the giants left in the walls around their halls while falling to Mjolnir’s might. Now Heimdall, a fear- and sleepless warrior guards the rainbow bridge that leads from Midgard to Asgard to prevent any more attacks from the Frost Giants. Meanwhile, a humble stone mason offers his services to Odin and his companions and promises to fix the wall in only one year’s time. All he asks in return is the Enchantress as his bride. Loki then tries to lure the mason into accepting an even more impossible task, by completing his work in only 6 months’ time and with no help at all. The mason then counteroffers by demanding that he will not be interrupted by any of the gods and that his steed will be his beast of burden for the whole time. The Gods accept…

This two-part story is based on different characters. Thor, being the main character, does not really stand in the middle of the plotline all the time. He is called upon when his hammer is needed to destroy a Frost Giant or his strength is needed to pick the apples from the holy tree Yggdrasil, but he spends the rest of his time with his concubines and is not really getting into action. Nevertheless it is a heroic story of basic emotions and magical dimensions, the likes of which define every mythology in every culture. You will see Gods doing what they know best: Smiting, loving, eating, and smiting some more!

Story 9, Art 8, Reread 7, Overall rating 8.5/10


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