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Thor: Reign of Blood

October 15, 2008

Being a huge fan of the Norse Thunder God and his comic twin brother, I decided to read the one-shot “Reign of Blood”.

The story is by Matt Fraction, the pencils by Khari Evans (part 1) and Patrick Zircher (part 2), the inks by Victor Olazaba (part 1) and Patrick Zircher (part 2) and the colors by Avalon’s Matt Milla and June Chung.

The story starts off with a frost giant mourning over the loss of her father. She blames all of Midgard for it and wants revenge. She clouds the sun and lets the Gods freeze in their great halls. Odin sends his son Loki to summon the frost giant’s daughter and offers her a precious gift from the dwarves. She accepts. Loki then visits the dwarves and has them create 3 of the finest items ever made by their hands: a golden armband that drops 9 gold coins when struck, a golden necklace and a golden giant-slayer sword. The dwarves wager which gift Odin will choose for the giantess. Knowing the Father of the Gods’ temper and adding the precious ability to kill giants in one swoop to his item, the third dwarf who created the sword is sure about his success and swears to cut off the head of the trickster Loki, who once again disturbed their peace in the depth of Nidavellir. Odin does choose the sword and cuts the giantess in half with only one strike. The other 2 dwarves lost the wager. Loki can only get out of the dwarves lust for blood with a ruse. They leave the God’s halls.

The Enchantress though is obsessed by the necklace that one of the dwarves brought. She yearns for it and after a while decides to get it from the dwarves’ forge by offering her body to them. After Odin finds out what the Enchantress did to get a hold of the necklace, he is enraged by jealousy and rips the golden jewelry from her neck. The Enchantress then shouts out a curse that raises the dead from Hel and lets them walk the earth and bring destruction and mayhem to the mortals. But Thor will not let that happen… So far for the story. I don’t want to spoil it all.

But, in fact, a story like this one, with a mythological touch to it, does read itself very nicely. I really did enjoy this, being a fan of mythology in all its forms. It is merely about a Marvel character rather than about the Norse Gods and their problems. The language is very old-fashioned but that does make it special and interesting to read. The colors are atmospheric and strong. The characters are interesting and passionate. This one-shot is an absolute must-read for all Thor and Norse mythology fans.

Story 9, Art 8, Reread 8, Overall rating 8.5/10


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