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Venom: Dark Origins #1+#2

October 10, 2008

Two days ago I read the first two of five issus of Venom: Dark Origins.

The story is by Zeb Wells, the pencils by Angel Medina and the inks by Scott Hanna.

The first issue starts with the early years of young Eddie Brock’s life. We see a shy little boy with a tendancy to be strange. He hides the cat of a little girl in a box only to appear as the hero who brings it back to her. This shows us, that Eddie always wanted to be liked but kept having problems in that field. The story then switches to his high school years, where his only goal seems to be to impress the cheerleaders into liking him, but again he fails the moment reality shows its face. We then find him years later, working for a newspaper, but again not as the big time reporter he would like to be, but as an assistant making coffee for the whole floor all day long. Until the day he accidentally picks up the phone of a reporter and finds himself on the other end with a confessing murderer. Eddie sees his big chance to squeeze the newspaper into making him a successfull reporter. But he is meddling with a force stronger than he could have ever imagined…

I really enjoyed the slightly caricature style of the artist and Eddie Brock is in fact a very likeable, but in the end very “unwise” and “unsure” character. Venom surely did not choose him by accident. I hope the other issues will drive the suspense to a higher level. The first two issues were more concentrated on Brock’s life before his encounter with the symbiotic alien.

Story 7, Art 8, Re-read 6, Overall Score 7


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