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Marvel 1985 #5

September 30, 2008

With the second to last issue of Marvel 1985, Mark Millar gives us something different once more. We leave Toby’s hometown and even his dimension, to find ourselves in the New York we all know from our youth. I mean the New York in which heroes like the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man are at home. Our hero protagonist escaped his own world in order to find some superheroes to defend his hometown against the villainous attack. However this turns out to be harder than expected, as the superheroes are not sitting around, waiting for somebody to cry wolf. They are quite busy fighting the evil of their own world and so blackmailing Spider-Man, by threatening to expose him, seems to be Toby’s only hope to get the attention of at least one of the supermen. Meanwhile in the “real world” things are turning sour really fast. The town seems lost when a new and even stronger opponent appears on the scene.

Although I said last month that I didn’t like the stylistically simplified art used by Edwards to present the superhero dimension, I must say that it really worked in this issue. I might even go so far as to say that this could be one of the best issues yet. The humor and drama are both well developed and the final cliffhanger is bombastic. It really makes you look forward to the next issue, when the villains will probably get their butts handed to them. Furthermore “the knowledge” Toby’s father gained from reading comics makes him the perfect opponent of the invaders. The message here seems to be that it pays off to read comics, at least if your town will ever be invaded by supervillains, that is. Can’t wait for the next and final issue of Marvel 1985. Story 8, Art 8, Re-read 8, Overall Score 8

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