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Wolverine: Old Man Logan

September 29, 2008

Holy S*** ! Today I got the privilege to read the 3 first issues of the “Old Man Logan” series (8 issues) that came out in August this year. Let me first say that every Wolverine fan should get his hands on these books.

They tell the story of Wolverine, or Logan as he likes to be called, 50 years after practically all the well-known superheroes (Cap, Thor, Spider-Man, Cyclops…) have been killed by a swipe of supervillains who now share the country of America and rule with their individual iron fists. Logan lives on a farm with his wife and two kids and tries to make ends meet to pay off the rent to the Banners (Hulk‘s grandchildren) who punish everyone who’s unable to pay by kicking their butts. But Logan swore never to fight again. So he gets beaten to a pulp and his old friend Hawkeye comes to help him, since his healing abilities aren’t what they used to be. Hawkeye offers Logan to accompany him on a delivery job through the whole country and paying him 500 dollars for it. Logan accepts. That is where the journey starts.

I will stop there, although it is hard to hold back. I would like to write the whole story so far and I can’t wait for the new issue to come out. The art (writer: Mark Millar, pencils: Steve McNiven, ink: Dexter Vines) of the book is very clean and very rough at the same time, though nothing special. The story follows a simple but entertaining plot line. This story would make for a great movie. I specifically appreciate the little details of this gruesome view of the world with no more superheroes to protect it. The Banners, for example, drive a stolen vehicle that used to belong to the Fantastic Four and they “repainted” it. If you ever asked yourself the question, what would happen if the bad guys actually won for once, this will give you a pretty interesting vision of what that might look like. Plus, you get Logan as a determined pacifist who would rather die than “pop his claws” again. Well, we’ll see…

Story                   10

Art                        9

Reread Value       9

Overall Rating     9/10


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  1. Bic permalink
    March 24, 2009 4:47 pm

    Go to your local video store and rent “Unforgiven” featuring Clint Eastwood, and then tell me if you think “Old Man Logan” is still all that clever and original. I saw the first issue and was considerably unimpressed.

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