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X-Men Origins: Beast

September 17, 2008

Yesterday I had the “pleasure” of reading “X-Men Origins: Beast”. Being a fan of physically strong mutants, like Colossus, I was looking forward to the release of this issue.

We meet Hank McCoy at a younger age, being a student and majoring in biology, as it seems. He gets hassled by some football players about his big hands and feet. You wonder how those guys even got into that class. Hank explains to his girl “friend” that he wishes to be a normal guy. Pushed by the bullies, he decides to enter the football team, trying to blend in. But breaking all records in American Football during only one game isn’t exactly “blending in”. After this display of his abilities, he gets attacked by the Conquistador, the last follower of Cortez, who wants Hank to steal a cold fusion reactor from his father’s work place. With a ruse Hank manages to free his parents, held hostage by the Conquistador, and drive the villain away. Charles Xavier enters the stage to convince Hank to join the X-Men at the price of erasing all the memory of him from his loved ones’ minds.

The cliché story by Mike Carey, with a questionable sense of humor, and the photographic coloring style by J.K. Woodward did not convince me at all. Being a fan of the furry blue creature, I felt disappointed. I do understand that superhero clichés were created with the first comics and the story seems to be an older one, since the X-Men present themselves in their original costumes from the 60’s, but having read the background stories of Colossus and Jean Grey, I did hope for more than this.

Story 5, Art 6, Re-read 6, Overall Rating 6


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