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Buffy Season Eight #18; Angel – After the Fall #12

September 14, 2008

I decided to introduce a little change into the reviews of our monthly comic books that we have been doing so far (Buffy, Angel, Spike, X-Men: Origins etc.) These reviews will be a little shorter from now on, and the layout of the grading system will also change slightly, in order to reduce the workload for these issues and let us concentrate more on entire story arc TPBs. And now enjoy the reviews of Buffy – Season Eight #18 and Angel – After the Fall #12.

Joss Whedon’s latest mini arc reaches part three and after last month’s shock, revealing that the mystery woman, who’s pulling the strings, is in fact none other than Buffy’s favorite sidekick Miss Willow Rosenberg. While her friends are still stuck in their own time period, trying to find a way to get Buffy back, the Slayer from Sunnydale is in the meantime helping her new friend Melaka Fray to kick some Vampire butt. However, when they split paths for a while, Fray is approached by Willow. When Fray, moments later, attacks Buffy, the reader is left to wonder what exactly the witch has told the Slayer from the future. Script wise the newest issue is flawless. Whedon advances the story properly and keeps up an enormous amount of humoristic dialogue. The cartoony art style slowly grows on me and so issue #18 was a delight to read. Story 8, Art 8, Re-read 7, Overall Rating 8

Once again I’d like to recant my statement from last week. This is in fact not the last issue of the series. Originally only 12 issues were planned, but the mini arc “First Night” was introduced in between and so the “After the Fall” storyline will continue until #16 and will be followed by the six issue arc “Aftermath”. Last month Gunn took away Angel’s magical healing powers and left him for dead. Now our hero is standing “besides himself” talking to an old friend, who explains to him that it’s time to let go. While Angel struggles with his own death, Wes appears to finally bring a little insight. The senior partners have updated his mind and he is now in possession of the real plans that they had for Angel all along. Whedon and Lynch’s vision finally turns into something solid. The appearance of a character from the Angel’s past (I don’t want to ruin the surprise) and the information Wes shares with us, make this issue one of the more interesting ones in the series. I’m excited to see how Angel will deal with the vision Wes showed him in next month’s issue. Story 8.5, Art 7, Re-read 7, Overall Rating 8

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