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Dirty Batgirl, Dark Knight Comics, Kick-Ass movie and Dollhouse

September 12, 2008

Due to some unforeseen circumstances I will post this weeks link collection one day earlier and will probably start off the new review week on Sunday. I’m currently working on my last paper and will therefore have too much work to post a review today. So here are some of this weeks news and interesting posts.

Comic shop owners got notified this week that they were to destroy every copy of “All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder” #10, as there was a mishap in the censor department and the issue ended up with quite a lot of “filthy language”. If you want to know how exactly that looks like, you can read the whole article here at comic book resources.

In this article several of the comics, used as source material for The Dark Knight, are discussed.

An interview with Mark Millar on the film version of his current comic series Kick-Ass.

Joss Whedon has paused production on his newest show Dollhouse in order to up the quality of the shows scripts. The prolific perfectionist was not entirely happy with the work the writers had come up with so far and therefore he has requested several rewrites in order to keep the show on a high level. Details can be read here.

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