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Wolverine and the X-Men

September 11, 2008

There is a new X-Men animated series on the horizon called Wolverine and the X-Men and I managed to catch a sneak peek. As the title already suggests, Wolverine will actually be the star of the show. Everything starts out as a normal day at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. We see several X-Men training at the facility, when Xavier and Jean Grey both seem to have a seizure and suddenly it is one year later for Wolverine. So the previous four minutes were only a flashback of what happened at the academy and we are now alone with Logan, who is on the road. When a train derails, Wolverine comes to the rescue of a little girl. He colapses after pulling her from the train and only the girl’s family helps him, but due to the nationwide hunt on mutants he is quickly betrayed by one of the bystanders, who calls an organization called MRD. Wolverine escapes with the family, but they are arrested soon after for helping a mutant. So Wolvie goes to find Beast and tries to rescue his new friends.

I must say that I was positively surprised by the pilot episode. There are a lot of different X-Men in it, and the premise is very different from any other show revolving around the mutant heroes. The team is scattered, hunted by the government and feared by everybody. Wolverine takes it upon himself to regroup them all and probably fight against the opression of the MRD. Visually, the show is stunning and most importantly the voice acting is really good. They even pay attention to accents, giving Nightcrawler a German and Colossus a Russian accent. Shows like Batman The Animated Series have proven a long time ago, that it pays off to have world class voice actors and that it is also worth the risk to draw a slightly darker vision of the superheroes’ world. Wolverine and the X-Men does just that. The dystopian view presented in the show is interesting enough to keep the viewers come back for more.

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