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X-Men Origins: Colossus

September 10, 2008

Yesterday I felt the need to explore one of my favorite X-Men and, as I see it, one of the most underestimated of the group: Colossus.

Piotr Rasputin, the child of a Siberian farmer, discovers his mutant abilities after learning of his brother Mikhail’s demise. Mikhail was working for the Russian space program and lost his life during a mission. In anger and despair, Piotr smashes the ground beneath him and his skin starts to turn to cold steel. In an explosion, his whole body transforms into some kind of flexible metal. In this state, his strength rises significantly. The agent, that brought the message of Mikhail’s death to the family and was a good friend to him during his lifetime, accidentally sees Piotr transform. He feels the need to inform someone of this, but he knows, that the Russian government will test him and use him as a weapon, the moment they discovered this. So the agent turns to Professor Xavier… the rest is for you to read.

The art by Trevor Hairsine (pencils), Kris Justice (inks) and Val Staples (colors) is not a very different one, but still very impressive, especially in the action scenes. The story by Chris Yost can also be described as being a little bit cliché, but we must remember that most of the comic hero clichés come from those X-Men characters, so their background stories also give us the typical description of what heroes are made of.

I personally like Colossus, because not only is he very strong, but also very caring. He has the ability to built up a wall around him when he feels threatened but he can also let his guard down, literally and figuratively speaking of course. So he can exist in a “normal” world (characters like “Beast” might have a harder time with this), but in the end he does belong to the X-Men.

I will also follow the other X-Men Origins stories that will be coming out soon. Next will be “Beast”.

Story                  7

Art                      7

Reread Value     8

Overall Rating   7.5/10



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