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Back Issue: The Amazing Spider-Man v2 #1

September 9, 2008

After Spider-Man had finally defeated Norman Osborn aka The Green Goblin in the four part story arc “The Final Chapter”, he decided to give up his superhero life. The Amazing Spider-Man series was restarted and “Issue One” deals with a New York without Spider-Man. Several heroes like the Fantastic Four, Daredevil and the Avengers are looking for him and regret that he has gone under, while others like J. Jonah Jameson try to further demean the image of the web-slinger. Peter Parker however enjoys his new life, his aunt is back from the dead and his supermodel girlfriend is filthy rich. Life is finally good. When the Scorpion suddenly returns and goes on a rampage in the city, he questions his choice but does not intervene. Surprisingly enough Spider-Man arrives at the scene, ready to kick the Scorpions butt. It is however evident that this is not the former hero but somebody else. Peter, who in the meantime has on a job interview with the Tri Corp Research Foundation, has no idea that somebody else has filled in for him. The Scorpion crashes into the interview, apparently looking for Parker (the reason is not given to us) and when the new Spider-Man arrives at the scene, the confusion is big. Peter, not wanting to reveal his secret identity manages to subdue the Scorpion by applying his scientific knowledge instead of pounding on him in the usual fashion. This first issue also includes two mini stories at the end, one showing us how the Scorpion was recreated and another showing Peter putting his past as Spider-Man finally behind him.

The idea that Peter Parker would finally give up his responsibility as Spider-Man is fairly interesting and the introduction of somebody else in the costume makes the whole thing even more intriguing. Considering that this is the first issue in a new series it is nice to see that they tried to implement several mysteries at once in order to keep the readers coming for more. Who is this new Spider-Man? Who updated the Scorpion and put him on Parker’s trail? Will J. Jonah Jameson finally get of the web-slingers case? All of these questions would eventually be answered in Marvel’s revamped The Amazing Spider-Man series.

Story                  7

Art                      7

Reread Value     5

Overall Rating   7/10

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