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Signal to Noise

September 5, 2008

This week’s final review will be of another Neil Gaiman graphic novel and this time he was working together with none other than Dave McKean. You don’t know who that is? Well then it’s about time. Dave McKean is in my opinion one of the most original artists in the whole comic book industry. His art incorporates drawing, photography, digital art and such, in a unique style of collage. It is interesting to see how his books often have fluent transitions from photographs to drawn images and this makes his work almost magical in nature.

Signal to Noise is the story of a filmmaker who after finding out that he is terminally ill, tries to write down the script to his last movie, which he has played out in his head. The movie is about the end of the world, showing how people on the 31 December in 999 A.D. were preparing for the imminent Armageddon. Of course this topic of dealing with the end of the world is directly mirrored in the filmmakers attempt to deal with his own mortality. There is not much I can really say without giving away too much, so I’ll stop here.

Every time Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean work together, it turns out to be something special. Signal to Noise is no exception. (Here is a short essay of Gaiman on McKean) Gaiman’s story and McKean’s art fit perfectly together and the sadness incorporated in the story really takes you hostage while reading it. I must say that it even gave me an enlightened feeling, after finishing it. It is this idea of trying to be contempt that really got to me. I would have to say that this book it the best I have read this year so far and I would like to thank Christian for giving it to me at my birthday last month. This is one of those graphic novels that you can even show your friends which usually don’t like this medium.

Story                  10

Art                      10

Reread Value       9

Overall Rating   10/10

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