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September 2, 2008

Warren Ellis is probably one of the most active writers in the comic book industry at the moment. So it is no surprise that one of his stories would eventually be reviewed here. I chose his short three part story Red for two reasons. First of all it is quite short and I’m very busy at the moment, so that fit well into my agenda, and second it is really good. I should however give out a warning, as this book is for mature audiences only, due to the massive amount of violence and gore.

The story revolves around Paul Moses, a retired CIA agent, who wants to live out his old age in peace. When a new director is appointed at Langley and he learns what exactly Moses’ job entailed, he puts out a hit on the former agent in order to make sure that nobody would ever learn of the things that he did. However the CIA did not anticipate how good their former hitman still is, as they thought he was an old and helpless man by now. So Moses, after fending off the first attack, decides to pay Langley one last visit.

If action packed movies, where you see bullets entering body parts are not your thing, then you should definitely stay away from Red. Cully Hamner’s artwork is beautiful and gruesome at once, and the large panels and the lack of dialogue in some of them, makes the read of this book feel like watching a movie. The incredible color art by David Self is especially worth mentioning. The action in this comic feels real and the speed with which the story progresses is really enthralling. I don’t like all of Ellis’s work but this one felt like one of those old vengeance action movies from the 80s.

Story                  8

Art                      9

Reread Value     6

Overall Rating   8/10

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