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Spike – After the Fall #2

August 18, 2008

The second part of the four issue mini-series Spike – After the Fall has hit the stores last week and I finally got around to reading it. Last week we saw a gang of female demons kidnap Spike’s “entourage” and the vampire himself was left to face a dragon (which readers of Angel – After the Fall know to be one of the good guys). Spike is taken to the office buildings of Wolfram & Hart, where he finds a person wrapped in some kind of mystical garment and enveloped by a bright yellow light. His attempt to “rescue” the person however ends with a massive electrocution, so he decided to return to his hideout, which he finds vacated. An attempt to rescue his friends doesn’t turn out so well, but you should read that for yourselves.

This issue has a lot more drive and humor than the first in the series and especially the scene, when Spike meets the dragon, is hilarious. Urru’s artwork is once again ok, but I wish that he would stick to a more detailed style in the fight scenes. It is a bit too blurry at times for my taste. But the creepy ending of the issue makes up for all the negative points. I can’t wait for the next issue, to reveal what happens next after this strong cliffhanger ending.

Story                  7

Art                      7

Reread Value     6

Overall Rating   7/10

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