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Buffy – Season Eight # 17

August 12, 2008

After a month of waiting, the eighth season of Buffy finally continues. Last time we left Buffy in the future, where she is attacked by Melaka, the slayer of that time. Of course they can put aside the misunderstanding and both slayers try to work together to find out what has happened. At the same time, Willow is trying to understand why Buffy was replaced by a reptilian creature and Xander and Dawn are trying to fight of the attack on the castle. Sounds crazy? Well it is. It shows that Joss Whedon is in the saddle on this one, as the story is filled with dark revelations and quirky humor alike. He still has the ability to give his characters that unique kind of dialogue, which makes you immediately hear Sarah Michelle Gellar’s or Alyson Hannigan’s voice in your head. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was always one of my favorite shows, mainly due to the high amount of humor. Whedon’s written dialogue is something special, be it on Buffy or Firefly.

Karl Moline is once again responsible for the art and even though it lacks a bit of character resemblance (I pointed this out for issue #16 already), he delivers a stunning vision of the future. At times it might seem a bit too cartoony, but then again Buffy was never an extremely serious program (except for those few episodes that would rip your heart out). And this one has a twist at the end, which might surprise you all. It did with me at least. So if you have been following season eight, there is no reason not to pick this one up. If you haven’t, the current story arc (Time of your Life – probably one of the best yet) might convince you to start reading this series.

Story                   8

Art                       7

Reread Value      7

Overall Rating    7.5/10

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