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The Dark Knight – First thoughts

August 6, 2008

I just returned from Utopolis (the major movie theatre complex in Luxembourg) and I wanted to share some of my first thoughts about The Dark Knight before I head to bed. I initially wanted to review it immediately, but I want to sleep over it and let it replay in my mind, before I write about how awesome it is.

I must say I had my doubts, especially with all the hype and the glorification of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker. Most people, who say he is the best Joker that will ever exist, have probably never read a comic book before and so I wanted to see for myself. And yes, he is good. He is not only good, but he does something to the character that is amazingly true to the comic version and yet he still manages to make it his own. Pure genius really, but more on that later.

Our screening of the movie was sadly interrupted during one of the most intense moments, which basically ruined the whole atmosphere. The climactic moment was annihilated and the tension ruined. The movie was still very good, but that moment managed to rip me out of the dark atmosphere and I had to re-immerse into the world of the movie. Afterwards the manager of the cinema complex reimbursed us for the botched viewing, but only after we complained about it. It would have been better for them to explain what had happened and offer some kind of recompense on their own.

This is also the main reason, why I want to sleep on it again. I want to be as objective as possible and I don’t want my review to be biased due to the negative performance of the cinema’s staff. More about the Dark Knight, tomorrow!

P.S.: You won’t get the picture above unless you’ve seen the movie. The image is taken from Bam!Kapow!, who made a t-shirt out of it, which you can get here.

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