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Approaching Doom!

July 30, 2008

The first major event that I want to cover is The Death of Superman. The review series will be split into three parts (Doomsday, Funeral for a Friend and Reign of the Supermen) and finished off with a review of Superman – Doomsday the DC Universe Original Animated Movie. All of these storylines were collected in independent graphic novels, but I will use the individual comic book issues to map out the events that lead up to and followed Superman’s death.

Let’s start off with four one-page panels originally published in Superman: The Man of Steel #017, Superman v2 #073, The Adventures of Superman #496 and Action Comics #683. These are not actually stories but only single pages attached to the end of these four books, showing a fist trying to punch through a metal wall. They were supposed to prepare the readers for the upcoming event. When the fist finally penetrates the prison, something terrible is unleashed, a force so destructive that it would bring terror to the world. When asked where the idea for the storyline that would kill the Man of Steel came from, Editor Mark Carlin stated in an interview once that: “the world was taking Superman for granted, so we literally said ‘let’s show what the world would be like without Superman’.”

Next week I will look at Doomsday, the main event that led to the death of Superman.


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