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Marvel 1985 #3

July 23, 2008

In the third copy of Millar’s six issue story arc Marvel 1985, we encounter even more supervillains than before. After the Sandman and Electro had attacked a couple in the last issue, we see that more and more people are being terrorized by the costumed evildoers. Among them are MODOK who controls a bunch of people and sends them to into a lake (see picture below), Fin Fang Foom the giant dragon and frequent opponent of Iron Man is seen sitting in “Oak Ridge Lake” and an older couple is assaulted by another baddy who seems to have killed off half a block. Millar manages to present these second grade bad guys in a way that makes them genuinely scary and shows how the people and the police of our reality would react to such an attack. Still, there are no superheroes in sight in this issue (the Hulk from #2 is so far the only one that has appeared), the villains have free reign and wreak havoc on the general population. The protagonist Toby is now also on the run with his father, who finally believes his claims and the two are attacked by the Lizard, when the issue comes to an end. This is also the only real fight in this months Marvel 1985 and hopefully, with the first half finished now, the action will pick up in pace a bit and we will get some sweet supervillain ass-kicking in the next publications.

Story                  8

Art                      9

Reread Value     7

Overall rating    8/10

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