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Spike – After the Fall #1

July 19, 2008

So the Spike spinoff to the After the Fall Saga has finally arrived and I couldn’t get a hold of it until just now, so here are some of my insights on the subject. Story wise, this four part mini-series is supposed to fill in the gaps between the end of the TV series and the first issue of Angel – After the Fall. Brian Lynch and Franco Urru reunite to tell the adventures of the “other” vampire with a soul and they once again deliver a genuine copy of James Marsters’ character, as we loved him on both Buffy and Angel. The humor and tendency to violence are all very well balanced with his new found compassion and empathy. This issue focuses more on the relationship to Illyria and the story of the whole mini-series is supposed to reveal, why Spike and the demigoddess are hanging out together. I’m still not a huge fan of Urru’s art, but he knows how to recreate the feel that the series used to have, so I’ll give him that. The first issue is decent enough, but it fails a bit to really pull you in. Hopefully the next three copies will kick it up a notch. It still impresses me however, how Lynch manages to emulate Joss Whedon’s style so well.

Story                  6

Art                      6

Reread Value     5

Overall rating    6/10

Oh and don’t forget to check out the last Dr.Horrible episode, before it will be taken offline. The web-show is typically Whedon and if you are such a die hard fan as I am you don’t want to miss it! Pure genius!

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