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Angel – After the Fall #10

July 11, 2008

After yesterday’s review of Buffy Season 8 #16, it’s time to have a look at Joss Whedon’s other resuscitated vampire series. Angel is once again a comic continuation of a former TV show, but this one ups the scale on the level of the supernatural. When we left Angel and his friends at the end of season five, the evil law firm Wolfram & Hart had just unleashed Armageddon on L.A. However just before the ultimate battle against the legions of Hell, the show cut to the credits and the fans were left wondering what would happen to their favorite heroes. Well no need to wonder anymore, Angel – After the Fall picks up some time after the season finale and on the first pages of the first issue we learn that L.A. was turned into hell. Demons roam the streets and have split the city into districts, which they have distributed amongst themselves, to rule and oppress. We learn that Wesley is back as a liaison to the senior partners of W&H, Gunn was turned into a vampire, Spike lives on an expensive estate with Illyria, Connor has banded together with Nina and Gwen to protect the innocent and Lorne has turned Silver Lake into a neutral zone, which is still free of the hellish destruction. Furthermore it is revealed that Angel was turned human by the senior partners, a fact he tries to hide from the rest of the world by the use of magic. He has also befriended a dragon, which helps him on his crusade against the Lords of L.A. and his quest to turn the city back into the way it was.

Issue #10 starts out with a dream sequence which is designed to reflect early 60-80s comic book art. In it Spike and Connor band together on their fight against evil, while the human Angel is standing idly by as an old man. This shows the main fear Angel has now that he is human. After he and the gang question a vampire, to find out who is plotting against them, Illyria tells everybody that Angel is no longer superhuman. Connor and Gwen think it would be better for Angel to give up his fight and live a normal human life, and so he is left alone with Illyria and Nina, who still stand by his side. When Angel finally realizes, who his opponent was all along he is stricken with horror.

Now that we have learned a lot in the past issues about what has happened to L.A. it is at last time to advance this seasons story to a high point, which in my opinion this copy finally manages to do. Nick Runge’s art is some of the best the series has had up to this point and Brian Lynch still manages to emulate Joss Whedon’s style perfectly. I must say that I did not always love Franco Urru’s art in the previous issues, so this is once again a nice change. There are only 6 issues left in this series (with 4 Spike spin-off stories) and I can’t wait to know how it all will end.

Story                  7

Art                      7

Reread Value     7

Overall rating    7/10


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