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Wanted (Graphic Novel)

July 7, 2008

When I saw the trailer for Wanted several weeks ago, I must confess that I had never heard of it before. Little did I know that this movie would actually be an adaptation of a graphic novel by Mark Millar. The story revolves around a young man called Wesley Gibson, a self-proclaimed loser with a job he hates, a boss that is constantly reminding him of what a lowlife he is and a girlfriend that cheats on him with his best friend. Nothing seems to change until one day a woman appears in his favorite Deli, offering him a new life. Gibson initially declines but when the woman draws a gun and kills everyone in the shop he feels inclined to do as she says. It turns out that Wesley’s father was a criminal mastermind and has handed his whole estate down to his son. The only conditions are that the latter is trained in order to take control of his life and joins the ranks of the ‘Fraternity’, an organization of super villains that secretly rules the world.

Mark Millar creates a world where the super villains pushed back all of the superheroes, by either killing them or taking their memory from them. The devastating battle between good and evil was erased from the minds of everybody around and only the villains still remember the days when the superheroes were still around. The premise of the story is very intriguing as it gives you the answer to a question that most comic book enthusiasts have asked themselves at some point or another: “What if the bad guys would finally win?”

The pencil work by J.G. Jones is outstanding as it usually is, although the fact that the protagonist looks like Eminem threw me a little off. I enjoyed reading Wanted and will definitely also read Millar’s newest creations called Kick-Ass and Marvel 1985. A warning should however be given to everybody who still plans to read this graphic novel. The comic sports an excessive amount of extreme violence and also the language is not for the softhearted. I would only recommend this comic if you can get past the obscenities and want to read a truly original story.

Official Website

Story                   7.5

Art                          8

Reread value         7

Overall rating     7.5/10


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