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How it all began…

July 3, 2008

As I have been blogging regularly on two other pages for the past couple of months I decided to dedicate a space to one of my favorite pastimes: graphic novels. This blog will mostly feature reviews of different issues, from all the major comic book publishers. Some of them will be standalone graphic novels (like Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta for example) and others will be monthly issues that I am currently reading. I will try to give my opinion on the stories, the ink and other specific details that will come up during a read.

When my mother first bought me a Batman comic when I was still fairly young, I was immediately hooked. Living in Luxembourg (that tiny country in Western Europe), it was always difficult to acquire comic books in English. So I had to make do with the publications from the Panini Verlag that published most of the popular DC and Marvel Comics at the time. Over the years I collected a lot of different series and the passion for this type of entertainment medium has never left me since childhood. So here it is; my own personal tribute to the graphic worlds. Enjoy and feel free to share your own opinion on the different issues that will be reviewed here.

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